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How to Write a Marketing

Just like any other type of essay, a marketing essay requires a great deal of analysis on both the current and previous literature. However, it is important to note that marketing essays, business essays and management essays are some of academic tasks that require analysis on current issues as opposed to past literature. A marketing essay communicates current happenings such as emerging trends in sales and marketing, modern marketing techniques, impact of technology on marketing and advertising. Therefore, when writing a marketing essay, you should first decide which aspects of marketing are important to your essay before coming up with a thesis statement. Ensure that when you have a creative research question or a thesis statement, you have viable sources that will back your argument for the rest of your marketing essay.

Many students fail to understand that writing an essay does not merely involve a five paragraph essay that has an introduction, body and conclusion. There is more to that than just the essay format. Ask yourself what impression you give your tutor the minute he/she starts reading your essay. Is your essay well articulated and comprehensive enough to relay your argument in a coherent manner? Marketing itself is a wide concept which therefore poses a challenge for students to communicate the right ideas.

What you need to know when writing a marketing essay is first have a logical framework that clearly defines your preferred essay topic, your mode of analysis and a summary of your main ideas and argument. When coming up with these, do not be ambiguous and avoid repetition. An interesting fact about marketing essays is that they require great analysis of your reference material. Such essays require analysis of current topics such as brand, technology, increasing sales, innovation and marketing dynamics. For this reason, you are required to develop a clear strategy and outline key issues in marketing. Once you come up with a good thesis statement, outline the subsequent chapters keeping in mind that every paragraph should prove your thesis and strengthen your argument. However, marketing essays have no limitations when it comes to choice of topic.

When analyzing say the marketing strategy used by a business organization to increase sales, you may choose to a multinational organization such as Wal-Mart or McDonalds or even a small business organization in Philadelphia. When choosing marketing essay topics, first ask yourself this, how is my topic relevant to the business world. In addition, internalize on the effect of your topic and the essay to your intended audience. If you are writing an essay about the marketing strategy of Exxon Oil or public relations strategy used by British Petroleum after the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, make sure that what you are writing about is practically applicable to the subject. The conclusion of your essay communicates to a larger extent the main points without repeating what you wrote at the introduction. The conclusion is intended to wrap your arguments and probably give steps for the future. Basically, it answers what you have learnt from the research, what to expect from the future and even sometimes give recommendations regarding the marketing essay.